About the ETDF

The Epsom Training and Development Fund was established as a registered charity in 1999 with a view to improving welfare and conditions for the racing staff in Epsom.

The lads and lasses who work in Epsom’s racing stables are responsible for the care of extremely valuable bloodstock whose every need is catered for by this dedicated workforce. They work in all weathers, at all times of the day and night, covering every day of the year, to ensure these equine athletes can compete in the international horseracing industry representing this town. Epsom Downs has a unique place in the history of the evolution of horseracing and the culture lives on in spite of the increasing urbanization of the area.

From the outset, the primary target for the Charity has been the establishment of affordable accommodation which has, for a long time, been almost impossible to find in Epsom’s affluent commuter belt. The creation of better facilities will lead to stables being able to attract and retain quality staff, and this in turn, will support the restoration of Epsom as a primary training centre.

The Charity is administered by three Directors who have a strong desire to see the continuation of an industry in a town which is synonymous with racing and famous for staging the most prestigious horserace in the world.

During the year the Charity organizes a number of fund raising ventures which offer various sponsorship and advertising opportunities, generating funds for the charity whilst enabling companies to raise their profile in the local community and beyond. The two major annual events, the Trainers Open Day and the Awards dinner have become part of the social scene of the racing community.

The Charity has already raised a considerable amount of money and has now purchased its first property allowing the start of its major project but we will need to continue to work hard to raise funds to maintain this and future purchases to house Epsom’s stable staff. We are aware that all this would not be possible without the continuing support of all our sponsors and contributors which is valued and much appreciated.

The Epsom Training & Development Fund is a company (3842144)

And a registered charity (1081453)